Predict Your Bill, a virtual calculator developed by PredictaBill provides certainty of the value of the required legal services.

Once the information is completed, you will receive an email from PredictaBill with the costs and details of the services consulted.

PredictaBill Services

PredictaBill Services


Terms & Conditions:

  • This is a preliminary services proposal of PreidctaBill which is intended solely to provide Client a gross estimate of our fees for the Services listed herein.
  • The legal Services will be reasonable and pursuant to market standards.
  • PredictaBill will charge separately any services requested by Client that according to the firm´s criterion fall outside the scope of this proposal.
  • PredictaBill will not analyze the tax implications of the Services.
  • The amounts set forth in this proposal comprehend only legal fees, except for those legal fees expressly contained herein. Any costs or taxes (including the Valued Added Tax) will be charged separately. 
  • The Services will be rendered through digital platforms such as e-mail, video conference and phone. No physical meetings will be required, nor any trips outside of San Jose or abroad.
  • Acts and deeds before a Notary Public, as deeds, affidavits, powers of attorney, incorporation of companies, will be charged separately pursuant to the official rates.
  • This proposal will be valid for one (1) month for the date of issuance. 

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