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PredictaBill is a legal services provider that works under alternative billing arrangements,  designed specifically to meet the day-to-day legal needs of our clients for a fixed fee.

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Why PredictaBill?

Use of Technology

PredictaBill is an Alternative Legal Services Provider. It was born as part of a transformation process undergoing in the legal sector which is now showing more acceptance to use technology to automate its processess to guarantee clients fixed fees and major efficiency in the delivery of legal services.

Segmentation of Services

The legal sector is undergoing a marked segmentation of services, where issues that require a very high level of specialization and expertise, contrast with routine or day-to-day services which are key in the day to day of every business.

Alternative Option to the Billable Hour

In the world there is a great discussion around the billable hour and how this metric is no longer functional for calculating the cost of certain legal services; especially for day-to-day routine matters, as it does not allow clients to forecast their legal expenses.

Client Centric

At PredictaBill we are obsessed with delivering our clients an upmost service. We thoroughly analyze the data that clients provide us to understand their business model, operation and day to day legal necessities, to offer a very high quality and efficient product. We seek to provide a 360 overview, by giving certainty about key elements of the service such as: how much it will cost, the applicable requirements of each service, and how long would take until client receives the final deliverable.

Why are we different?

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Our team is fully bilingual

Fixed fees

100% digital firm

Use of technology.

How we do it

We have developed a series of tools that allows us to bring our clients a whole new experience with respect to legal services. These tools, give us the capacity to be our client’s right hand on day to day operational legal matters. We aim to provide a unique top quality service.

LAW-nuevo by PredictaBill

Free monthly newsletter to inform about relevant changes in Costa Rican law and the latest tendencies in #legaltech. Having a diverse team including programmers allow us to monitor and have a better understanding of the new technologies impacting the legal market.

Predict your Deadlines

We monitor some of the most relevant key dates of our client’s daily operation such as expiration of material agreements, appointments of director or agents, operating permits etc.

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We automated the preparation of certain key documents that are highly demanded by clients, to make the drafting process faster and more efficient to shorten the turnaround time.

Service agreement
Lease agreement
Employment agreement
Confidentiality agreement


PredictaBill aims to bring more certainty and accessibility to the provision of legal services. Its online services platform (e-commerce) guarantees a unique and user-friendly experience that allows clients to get immediate access to legal services. Users can now find in one single place all the information they need to hire routine day-to-day legal services at a fixed price and track the status of their order on real time without requiring a lawyer’s interaction.Through its e-commerce, PredictaBill offers some facilities that are not yet used widely in the legal sector, like processing payments though credit card and offering plans for deferring the payment of fees, thus users can now have access to top tier quality legal services at an affordable price.

Online Services

If you are not sure which service you need our PredictaBot is available to guide you 24/7.

Day to day legal services for a fixed price

Consumer affairs
Legal Audit & Dispute Resolution
Data Protection
Operating Permits
Real Estate & Condominiums
Certified Documents & Services Rendered by Notary Public

Fast-paced lawyers

We are a dynamic team of lawyers, fully accessible, and ready to provide immediate solutions to your legal needs.
Bernardo van der Laat is the head of PredictaBill. He holds a master’s degree in corporate law from Northwestern University in Chicago. Bernardo has a strong expertise in transactional matters and advising companies and individuals on day to day matters in a wide range of industries, including real estate, hospitality, retail, foods and beverages, pharmaceutical, gaming, tech, finance, NGOs, energy, etc.

We are available at any time

Our team is standing by to help you find innovative legal solutions at a fixed cost for your business.

  506 4002 3500

  [email protected]legalpredictabill.com

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    We are available at any time

    Our team is standing by to help you find innovative legal solutions at a fixed cost for your business.

      506 4002 3500

      [email protected]legalpredictabill.com

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