Notarization of Minutes of Condominium Assemblies

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Notarization of agreements adopted by the assembly of condominiums and registration in the Public Registry.

Why are Notarization of Minutes of Condominium Assemblies important?

The minutes of Condominium Assemblies must be notarized whenever their resolutions are intended to be registered before the National Registry. Additionally, by notarizing the minutes, a public character is given to them and their content is attested, which provides legal certainty to the owners and administrators of the condominium, avoiding possible legal conflicts in the future.

Do you need to notarize minutes of Condominium Assemblies?

When a client requires the Notarization of Minutes of Condominium Assemblies in Costa Rica, it is generally due to the need to record the agreements contained in such assemblies or to formalize and legalize the decisions made in the condominium assemblies. These minutes are fundamental documents to guarantee transparency and compliance with the rules established in the horizontal property regime. PredictaBill is in charge of notarizing these minutes, ensuring their legal validity and their correct inscription in the corresponding registries. In this way, clients can have the peace of mind of having solid and reliable legal support for any situation that may arise in the field of condominiums.

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    1. What is the Notarization of Minutes of Condominium Assemblies and why is it important?
    The Notarization of Minutes of Condominium Assemblies is the legal process through which the decisions and agreements made in the condominium assemblies are transcribed in a Public Notary´s protocol, providing them with publicity. It is important because it provides legal certainty to the owners and allows their due registration in the National Registry.
    2. Which minutes of condominium assemblies must necessarily be notarized?
    The minutes of the meetings in which the Condominium Administration Regulations are modified and in which the administrator is modified, or the powers and the term of his appointment, must be notarized, since they must necessarily be registered before the National Registry.
    3. How long does it take to notarize the minutes of condominium meetings?
    The time required to notarize the minutes of condominium meetings is between 1 and 3 business days.