New e-commerce platform changes the way legal services are offered

The digitalization of the economy has inspired professionals to find new ways to offer their services and PredictaBill is no exception, launching an innovative e-commerce platform where day-to-day legal counsel is just a click away. 

PredictaBill is born of a transformation process that has been taking place in the legal sector for some years now, where there is increasing openness in the use of technology. We also see a marked segmentation of services, where matters that require a higher degree of specialization and expertise are distinguished from routine services, which, are a fundamental part of the daily operation of a business.

Bernardo van der Laat, Director of PredictaBill, comments: “At PredictaBill we are obsessed client service. We thoroughly analyze the data a client provides us to understand its operation and its needs, to offer an efficient and high-quality product. We seek to provide a 360º vision, giving certainty about key elements of the service such as: how much it will cost, what requirements the client must meet, and how long it will take to respond with a solution or deliver an opinion. In this way, the users of our services can be guaranteed that there will be no surprises, hence our name: PredictaBill”.

Now PredictaBill seeks to bring this principle of “certainty” to its e-commerce, offering an innovative experience in the provision of legal services. Users will be able to find in one place, all the information they need to contract routine legal services at a fixed cost. They will also have the possibility to share through the platform all the documents required for the selected services and even track the status of their orders.

If you are an entrepreneur or a digital nomad who wants to do business in Costa Rica, or you already have a consolidated company and simply prefer the virtuality, you no longer have to wait for a lawyer to answer you to start the process to incorporate your company, manage operating permits, or to draft the contracts you need for your operation. All you have to do is enter the platform and select the service you want.

Through our e-commerce, PredictaBill seeks to offer payment facilities that are still rare in the legal sector. The platform will allow payment by credit card and even to prorate legal fees, so that those who are just starting their business can gain access to quality legal services from the outset. “We are clear that for very technical and complex cases the client will always have to turn to a specialist. But for all routine legal work or the day-to-day running of a business, there is no better option than PredictaBill,” says van der Laat.

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