Corporate Due Diligence. Review of corporate books and public databases. It includes the preparation of a detailed summary, identifying the company’s legal status and potential contingencies.

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Basic review of public databases, legal books and corporate documents, in order to identify potential company contingencies

Estimated Delivery Time / 1-3 days

Why is Corporate Due Diligence important?

Having a company in Costa Rica implies complying with certain corporate obligations, both internally, such as the inclusion of certain information in the legal books, and externally, such as the fulfillment of certain obligations before public entities. On a day-to-day basis, the directors of a company in Costa Rica may not know the importance of including certain information in the company's legal books, and even on some occasions, the information is reflected incorrectly. The review of legal books allows us to determine if there is an omission of information, or if it was not reflected correctly. The review of the status of a company in public databases makes it possible to detect certain breaches that are of interest, not only to the company itself, but also to those who want to contract with another legal entity. This review is critical to ensure the transparency and legality of business operations, as well as to identify potential legal risks or regulatory breaches. In addition, this review facilitates informed decision-making, and safe transactions, by providing verifiable data on the legal status of companies.

How to identify the legal status and contingencies of a company through the review of corporate books and public databases?

There can be two main reasons for requesting this service: i) A client needs to know the status of their business operation, as a mechanism for risk prevention and internal regulatory compliance; or ii) you need to contract with another legal entity, and for this, it is in your interest to know that said legal entity is up to date with its obligations, in such a way that it does not affect the commercial relationship that you intend to establish. In this regard, this service is especially useful for those who wish to conduct business transactions, investments, or partnerships with such a company, as it allows them to assess legal risks and potential issues that could arise in the future. In addition, this review provides a clear and detailed view of the corporate structure, compliance with legal requirements, and potential contingencies in which any company is involved, helping the client to make informed decisions and minimize any legal risks. PredictaBill specializes in providing this service efficiently and reliably, ensuring that the client has the necessary information to make strategic decisions and protect their legal interests.

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    PredictaBill Corporate Book and Public Database Review Service FAQ: 1. What is Corporate Book and Public Database Review? The review of corporate books and public databases is a service offered by PredictaBill, which consists of analyzing and examining a company’s legal documentation, such as its legal books and other relevant documents, as well as consulting public databases, to obtain information updated on the legal status of the company regarding compliance with certain obligations that every company in Costa Rica must meet. 2. Why is it important to conduct a review of corporate books and public databases? Reviewing corporate books and public databases is essential to knowing the legal status of a company and detecting possible contingencies. This allows PredictaBill´s clients to make informed decisions about business partnerships, investments, or any other aspect related to the company in question. 3. What are the potential contingencies that can be identified during the review? During the review of corporate books and public databases, various legal contingencies can be identified, such as unpaid debts, non-compliance with tax or social security obligations, and omitted information in legal books. Likewise, it allows us to identify if a company has failed to comply with its legal obligations, or if it has complied with said obligations deficiently. These contingencies can have a significant impact on the reputation and stability of the company, as well as the business relationships it intends to establish. 4. How long does it take to conduct a review of corporate books and public databases? The time required to complete a review of corporate books and public databases can vary depending on the size and complexity of the company in question. However, PredictaBill is committed to performing the service efficiently and in the shortest possible time, without compromising the quality and accuracy of the results. Once the information is received from the client, PredictaBill will deliver the report referred to here within a period of 1 to 3 business days. 5. How can I hire PredictaBill’s corporate book and public database review service? To hire PredictaBill’s corporate book and public database review service, you must send us a copy of your company’s legal books; that is, Minutes of Shareholders’ Meetings, Shareholders’ Registry, and Minutes of Boards of Directors, in the case of a Public Limited Company, or Minutes of Shareholders’ Meetings and Shareholders’ Registry, in the case of a Limited Liability Company, These books You can identify them, as they generally have a stamp on the first page, with references with words such as “RA”, “AG”, “JD”, legalization number, etc. Also, we should be given access to certain corporate information such as the literal certification of the Public Registry, the declaration before the Transparency and Final Beneficiaries Registry of the Central Bank, and in general all the corporate and/or notarial documents that are available. Not having any of these documents does not prevent you from moving forward with the service.