Zoning Certificate

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Why are Zoning Certificates important?

In Costa Rica, each owner can give a use to his property as authorized by the urban regulations of each Municipality, which establish the possibilities of development in a property based on its location and its particularities.

When is a Zoning Certificate required?

It is of utmost importance before acquiring a piece of land, to verify if the project you have in mind is per the permitted Zoning Certificate; For, example, a piece of land may not be of a commercial nature and therefore, if acquired, it may not be possible to obtain a commercial patent, which is necessary for such exploitation. Likewise, the use of land is necessary for the issuance of the Sanitary Operating Permits and Commercial Patents that all businesses must have, as well as to obtain the Construction Permits to start work. PredictaBill has a team of specialized lawyers, who will be in charge of analyzing the client's situation, offering legal solutions, and representing them in the application for said land use.

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    Essential Documents

    *Confirm the following information of the property owner: - Full name - Copy of ID - Civil status - Domicile -Fax -Email - If a company, Confirm: - Corporate name - Corporate ID -Domicile -Fax -Email - Power under which the representative acts (legal representative with full and unlimited power of attorney, general proxy, special proxy) -Confirm exact location of the property Please consider that each Municipality has the authority to vary the requirements; therefore, additional information may be required. Similarly, one of the requirements is usually to be up to date with municipality taxes to issue the corresponding zoning certificate. -Confirm if the owner of the property, or its legal representative can request the zoning certificate by signing the form directly. Otherwise, a person from the PredictaBill team will be contacting you.

    Terms and conditions

    The price indicated here has been estimated assuming that the requested document will be delivered in digital format, or that you will pick up the physical version at the PredictaBill offices. Alternatively, you can request that the document be sent to the location you specify, by courier or Costa Rica postal service, in which case the costs and delivery times that will be indicated at the time of processing the payment for the service will apply


    1. What are Zoning Certificates and why are they important in Costa Rica?
    Zoning Certificates refer to the restrictions and regulations put in place by local authorities to determine how a certain property can be used. They are important because the granting of other permits, such as construction permits, commercial patents and sanitary operating permits, depend on it.
    2. Where should the application for a Zoning Certificate be submitted and what is the basis for issuing it?
    The application for a Zoning Certificate is submitted to the Municipality of the canton where the property is located. Municipal authorities issue this certificate based on a regulatory plan, but if they do not have one, they must follow the regulations established by the National Institute of Housing and Urbanism.
    3. What consequences can I face if I fail to comply with the established Zoning Certificates in Costa Rica?
    Failure to comply with established Zoning Certificates in Costa Rica can lead to legal and administrative consequences. This may include fines, closures of activities, demolition of illegal constructions and other sanctions imposed by the competent authorities.