Certificates of Legal Entities

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This certification is issued by a Costa Rican notary public to attest to the existence of the company and certain basic information such as the registered office, who are the directors or managers (depending on the type of entity) and who have sufficient authority and power to act and sign on behalf of the company. This document is usually requested by public entities, when a company submits an application or initiates a procedure. It is also required by banks as part of know-your-customer procedures.

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Why are Certificates of Legal Entities important?

Certificates of Legal Entities are official documents that certify the legal existence of a legal entity in Costa Rica. These certificates are issued by the National Registry, or by a Public Notary and are necessary to carry out legal procedures, such as opening bank accounts, signing contracts, participating in public tenders, among others. In addition, the Certificates of Legal Entities provide security and confidence to third parties by demonstrating that the entity is duly incorporated and authorized to operate in the country.

Do you need Certificates of Legal Entities?

When a client requires a certificate of legal personality, it is because it proves the legal existence of a legal entity; A legal entity is the equivalent of presenting an identity card in the case of natural persons. This may be necessary for various legal procedures, such as opening a bank account, participating in public tenders, signing contracts, or conducting business transactions. The certificates of legal status issued by PredictaBill guarantee the validity and legality of the entity, providing confidence and security to both customers and the institutions with which they interact.

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    Essential Documents

    *Confirm corporate and ID. *Confirm the following information about the representatives: - Full name - Copy of ID - Civil status - Address - Send a complete copy of corporate books. *Confirm who requests the certification

    Terms and conditions

    The price indicated here has been estimated assuming that the requested document will be delivered in digital format, or that you will pick up the physical version at the PredictaBill offices. Alternatively, you can request that the document be sent to the location you specify, by courier or Costa Rica postal service, in which case the costs and delivery times that will be indicated at the time of processing the payment for the service will apply


    1. What is a Certificate of Legal Personality and what is it used for?
    The Certificate of Legal Personality is a document issued by the National Registry of Costa Rica or by a Public Notary that certifies the legal existence of a legal entity. This certificate is necessary to carry out legal procedures, such as opening a bank account or signing agreements, or even for administrative procedures such as any application to a government authority.
    2. What are the requirements to obtain a Certificate of Legal Entity?
    To obtain a Certificate of Legal Entity, it is required that the corresponding company is duly registered with the National Registry and is up to date with certain obligations, such as the payment of the tax to legal entities, social security obligations, as well as with the presentation of the Declaration of Final Beneficiaries before the Central Bank.
    3. How long does it take to obtain a Certificate of Legal Entity?
    The processing time for a Certificate of Legal Entity can vary, but it is generally estimated that it can take between 1 and 3 business days.
    4. Is it possible to obtain a Certificate of Legal Entity online?
    Yes, the National Registry of Costa Rica offers the option of carrying out procedures online, including applying for and obtaining Certificates of Legal Personality. However, it is important to have a user with the National Registry.
    5. What is the validity period of a legal personality?
    If it is issued by a Notary Public, it is valid for one month, while if it is issued by the National Registry, it is valid for 15 calendar days.