Copy Certifications

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A copy is considered certified according to Costa Rican standards, when a notary public states that it has exactly the same content as the original version. This formality is generally required to submit applications and carry out a process before a public entity. Also, when a person wants to guarantee the veracity of the content of a certain document.

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Why Are Copy Certifications Important?

Copy Certifications are important in Costa Rica because they guarantee the authenticity and validity of the documents being certified, in such a way that a Public Notary attests that the copy is accurate to its original. These certifications are issued by a Public Notary who verifies that the copy of the document is identical to the original. PredictaBill offers this copy certification service to facilitate and expedite the legal procedures of its clients.

Why can I require a Copy Certification?

A Copy Certification may be required in various situations, for example, to submit copies to authorities or private subjects of an original document that cannot be delivered. Some employers may request certified copies of academic degrees, birth certificates, or passports as part of the job application process. Likewise, when applying for visas, residence permits, or citizenship in a foreign country, you may be required to submit certified copies of personal documents. In the context of court proceedings, you may be required to submit certified copies of documents as evidence in a case. Additionally, when opening a bank account, some financial institutions may require certified copies of identification and financial documents. In these cases, PredictaBill is responsible for providing a reliable and efficient service, guaranteeing the authenticity and validity of the certified copies, complying with the legal requirements established in Costa Rica.

Why PredictaBill?

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    Essential Documents

    *Send a copy of the document that will be certified.

    *Confirm date in which you will appear before the Notary Public at the offices of PredictaBill to verify the original document. Alternatively, we can coordinate the pick up and delivery after it has been duly verified (additional costs will apply).

    Terms and conditions

    The price indicated here has been estimated assuming that the requested document will be delivered in digital format, or that you will pick up the physical version at the PredictaBill offices. Alternatively, you can request that the document be sent to the location you specify, by courier or Costa Rica postal service, in which case the costs and delivery times that will be indicated at the time of processing the payment for the service will apply


    1. What is a Copy Certification?

    A Copy Certification is a document issued by a Public Notary that confirms that a copy of an original document is a faithful and authentic reproduction of the original document.

    2. What is the purpose of obtaining a Copy Certification of a document?

    The primary purpose of obtaining a Copy Certification is to prove that a copy of a document is valid and authentic, which may be necessary for various legal and administrative purposes.

    3. When is a Copy Certification needed?

    A Copy Certification is needed when an authentic copy of an original document is required to comply with legal, administrative, or institutional requirements.

    4. How is a certified copy different from a plain copy?

    A certified copy has an official certification confirming its authenticity, while a plain copy is an uncertified reproduction that has no legal validity.

    5. Do I need to provide the original document to request a Copy Certification?

    Yes, however, once certified the original document is returned to its owner.