Dissolution & Liquidation of a Company

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Termination of the legal capacity of commercial companies.

Estimated Delivery Time / 1-2 weeks depending on the Public Registry and liquidation procedures such as sale or donation, as long as the legal term has elapsed since the publication of the edict in the official newspaper La Gaceta

Why is the Dissolution & Liquidation of a Company important?

The Dissolution & Liquidation of a Company are legal processes that take place when a company decides to end it operations, or when its considered disolved by the expiration of the social term, the impossibility of carrying out the object pursued by the company, the definitive loss of fifty percent of the capital stock (unless the partners replace such capital or agree to reduce it proportionally), or the non-payment of three consecutive periods of the tax known as the Corporate Tax. This procedures are important because they allow the company to close their operations in a adequate and orderly matter, complying with all legal and financial obligations. During dissolution, an inventory of the company's assets and liabilities is made, outstanding debts are paid and the remaining assets are distributed among the shareholders or owners. Liquidation, on the other hand, involves the sale of the company's assets and the distribution of the proceeds.

Do you need help with the Dissolution & Liquidation of a Company?

This service is necessary when the legal existence of a company, either by its own decision or by legal requirements, comes to an end. Dissolution and liquidation acquire special importance, because even when the company has no activities, if it remains active before the National Registry it will continue to be subject to obligations, which if not complied with may be enforceable against its representatives and shareholders in proportion to their participations. Dissolution implies the cessation of commercial activities and liquidation implies that the assets and liabilities of the company have already been distributed among the partners or shareholders.

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    Essential Documents

    Company´s corporate books. Name of the Liquidator and personal information * Civil status * Profession / Occupation * ID number Confirm if the company is currently active as a taxpayer is whether it is not developing any sort of commercial activity. Confirm if the company has any assets, bank accounts, operating permits.

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    1. What is the process of Dissolution & Liquidation of a Company in Costa Rica?
    The process of Dissolution and Liquidation of a Company in Costa Rica involves following a series of legal steps. First, a meeting of partners or shareholders must be convened to decide to dissolve the company. Then, a dissolution request must be filed with the National Registry and a notice must be published in the official newspaper La Gaceta. Subsequently, the assets and liabilities of the company are liquidated, paying the outstanding debts and distributing the remaining assets among the partners or shareholders, or leaving on record that there are no liabilities or assets to be liquidated.
    2. How long does the Dissolution and Liquidation of a Company process take in Costa Rica?
    The time it takes to dissolve and liquidate a company in Costa Rica can vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the company and the amount of assets and liabilities to be liquidated. In general, this process can take several months, since once the dissolution is agreed upon, an edict must be published in the official newspaper La Gaceta, and after thirty days without judicial opposition, it will be registered by the National Registry. 3. What is the risk that a company without assets and liabilities is dissolved but not liquidated?
    Per the Code of Commerce, the extinction of a company is only achieved by its liquidation and not by its mere dissolution. In this sense, the dissolution of a company does not extinguish its legal personality, making it still liable for any obligation, including tax obligations.

    4. What are the costs associated with the Dissolution & Liquidation of a Company process in Costa Rica?
    The costs associated with the Dissolution & Liquidation of a Company in Costa Rica may include legal fees, publication expenses in the official gazette, registration fees and other administrative expenses. These costs may vary depending on the company and the specific situation, so it is advisable to contact PredictaBill for an accurate estimate.